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If These Walls Could Talk

Located only 12 minutes from Anaheim and close to many Southern Californian attractions, welcome to your home away from home.

La Casa was originally built in 1919 by John and Mabel Tuffree, a founding family in the All-America City. The Tuffree family was instrumental in bringing water to the area in the early 1900s. Mr. Tuffree named the property, "Ranchito de Ramona."


The abandoned property underwent a major restoration starting in 2014. Everything was completely redone and finally finished in 2020. The young family who took on this project now enjoy sharing a part of the city's history with guests coming to the area.

It's unlike any other house in the neighborhood with its rich history, a courtyard in the heart of the home, charm, nostalgia and other unique architectural features.


At 103 years old, it is alive and well and has welcomed guests from all over to stay and experience a step back in time.

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